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About Us

Welcome to My Early Learning Centre


Every care and attention has been taken to ensure that we provide a warm home like environment for our children. It is our priority to provide children with opportunities to develop their skills in a safe, happy and loving atmosphere. The aim of our service is to provide high quality educational care for young children aged 0-6 years. Also providing a child focused program that fosters all areas of development in line with the Early Years Learning Framework, assisting them to reach their full potential. My Early Learning Centre is committed to ensuring that we meet all requirements of health, safety and education of young children. We look forward to a wonderful and rewarding partnership with your family as we guide your child’s development and learning during these important years.

Children and Education

At My Early Learning Centre we believe each child is a unique individual and that their abilities, interests, knowledge, ideas and cultural identity should help form the basis of our curriculum.


We believe that play is vital for young children, therefore we aim to provide a play based learning environment that promotes children’s development of the five learning outcomes as outlined in the National Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).


My Early Learning Centre offers a range of learning experiences to cater to the mixed age group, which has proven results in the children becoming more empathetic and accelerates their learning.


Children’s learning is dynamic, complex and holistic. Physical, social, emotional, personal, spiritual, creative, cognitive and linguistic aspects of learning are all intricately interwoven and interrelated. Our Educators become co-learners with children as they explore and scaffold upon their ideas and interests to co-construct learning.


Families and Community


We believe that the relationships each child has with their families and communities form the foundations for successful learning. We value our families input into our curriculum and endeavour to build trusting relationships that are based on consistent and clear two-way communication to develop a meaningful play based learning curriculum that incorporates and extends on each child’s interests.


Learning happens both inside and outside the service which is why excursions form an integral part of our program. We also believe that it is important for children to have opportunities to explore and feel connected, which will in turn allow them to be confident within the local community.


Our Environment


We believe that by having a mixed age group setting we are enhancing learning and play opportunities for younger as well as older children. These interactions lead to shared or co-constructed learning where every age group has something to learn from the other. Younger children feel confident in performing tasks that challenge their holistic development, allowing them to grow and thrive in their learning and playing environments. Older children develop leadership skills and practice altruistic behaviour as interacting with younger children assists in their social and emotional development.


We also acknowledge and place a great emphasis on protecting and engaging with the natural environment. Sustainable practices are considered paramount at our service and educators endeavour to work collaboratively with families and the community to teach children to respect and learn from our land.


Professional Team

We respect and value the diversity of strengths that each of our unique educators bring to our service.


Our service and educators are committed to continuous professional development, to ensure their knowledge is current and up to date so that they can provide the most optimal learning opportunities and holistic practices for all children.


Our educators foster an ongoing nurturing relationship with children, encouraging them to be independent and confident learners.


Culture and Diversity


Our service values and respects the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the first people of our land and endeavour to promote our children’s understanding and acceptance of the cultures that are native to Australia.


We aim to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment that advocates for issues of social justice and promotes non-discriminatory practices under our care to instil respect for diversity and inclusion of all people.

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